Favorite Things

Happy 2012 everyone!  Now that the holidays are over and we’re back into the swing of things I figured it’s time to post again…  You know how Oprah used to do her Favorite Things show?  Well this is Karah’s Favorite Things Blog Post!

There are certain things in life that I can’t live without, like my iPhone, iPad, Bill and Bri, but you already know those are my favorite so here are somethings that you might not know are awesome!

My Pedometer

Mom got this for me a few years ago and I have only recently started using it regularly.  It is programmable so it can tell me how many calories I’m burning and how close I am (or how far away I am) from my steps goal.  It keeps track of how many miles I’ve walked, how fast I walk and how long I walk.  It also stores the past 7 days of steps!  Thanks Mom!

My Slow Cooker

I got a slow cooker about 4 years ago and fell in love.  I feel it’s almost a fool prof way to cook.  It’s really hard to mess something up and for someone who struggles to be as great a cook as her mother or The Zesty Cook (my sister) it gives me a confidence boost!  I actually have 2 of them, I have one 6 qt. that was way too big when cooking for only me and Bill (although leftovers are great!) and the Zesty Cook gave me a smaller one for my birthday/Christmas this year!  The 4 qt. size is much better for just the 2 of us.  Here is my favorite recipe: (I add 1 pack of frozen corn)

My Infinity Scarf 

An infinity scarf is the kind that make a full loop, no ends.  I have one that I can twist into so many different fashions!  It looks great and keeps me warm.

Honey Crisp Apples

A few years ago while my sister was living in Minneapolis, she was telling me about the local folks getting really excited that “The honey crisps are in!”  Well I went to the store and bought one… Wow, my apple life has never been the same.  These things really are delicious and crisp and HUGE!  If you haven’t had one go try one, your apple life will never be the same.


To save money I keep the condo on the chilly side and heat with my gas fireplace (another favorite thing).  I get home and immediately take my shoes off and put the slippers on.  I have the kind that have a rubber sole so you can still go outside with them.  Recently my mom got me some really fun bumble bee slippers that have leg warmers too!

My TempurPedic Mattress Topper

If I can’t afford the real thing I’ll just get the topper!  Sleeping (with my back pain) has never been better.  My mattress is also getting on the old side so buying the TempurPedic topper got me a few more years out of it and it feels great!  I did have to buy deep pocket sheets though to avoid waking up to the corners popping off.

Music: Mountain Heart and Cadillac Sky

2 bluegrass bands that I have recently fallen in love with.  Favorite song from Mountain Heart: Mountain Man (the intro to that song is an AWESOME fiddle solo).  Favorite song from Cadillac Sky: Sinners Welcome.

My Favorite App, Sleep Machine

This app has every sound imaginable.  Distant trains for dad, rain and or a thunder storm for me even the sound of a factory, vacuum, .  You can have up to 3 sounds playing at once and adjust the volume for each so that it’s the right mix of comforting sounds.  There’s a timer also.  My favorite combination: Thunder storm, rain and Native American flute.

2nd Favorite App, Shazam

Even though I can sing along to almost every song on the radio I don’t always know the name of the song or who sings it.  With Shazam I can hold my phone to the speaker and it will tell me all the info and give me and instant button to download from iTunes!

I hope you all enjoyed my favorite things!  Now go out and get some of them because they are all very cool!