I guess I’m supposed to write about myself here…
My name is Karah and I live in the Cuburbs (if you’re not sure what the cuburbs are see my post from May 2015) with my husband Bill and our dog, Bri, a dachshund/pit bull mix. I work for POSSIBLE, a digital advertising agency, I’m not in the advertising realm, I plan the parties! Yep, I’m an event planner. I love planning parties. Bill, my soul mate, is my forever partner in this story of my life.  He and I have been through so much together and we love each other more each day and stronger with every adventure.

I lived in downtown Cincinnati for 7 years and loved it.  Hence the name of my blog, Karah on 5th. This country girl, however, had to get out of the city and move to a house with a yard.  Bill was never cut out for city living, although he survived the year he lived down there and we had fun.  Much to the dismay of Bill I love country music and singing a long at the top of my lungs. I develop a southern accent when singing that, if I do say so myself, sounds very authentic. I think Bill is starting to like it though. The other day I found a country station on his presets in his car, but don’t tell him that. He may or may not have put it there himself…

I love to sing and dance around my house and pretend I’m famous, on stage with a screaming crowd. Ok maybe that’s enough info about me for now.

K, bye!


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