We Moved to the Cuburbs!


imageWhat are the cuburbs you ask? Well, when you’re not as far out as the country but you are definitely past the suburbs you combine the 2 and get the cuburbs!

It all began over Christmas. Bill and I fell in love with a 10 acre horse farm out in Blanchester. We went as far as to put an offer in and get the home inspection… The house however wasn’t right for us. The home inspection turned up too many costly fixes and God led us away from Blanchester. (It was going to be too far away anyway) *sad face* I still think about that house…

God did put on our hearts that it was time for a change, time to leave the awesome urban life downtown. We started looking for a house that could be a home for our family. In late January we found a great deal on a house just outside of Milford in Stonelick Township and put in an offer. 4 months, 3 moves, and 2 liens later, we are now the proud owners of 1.5 acres, 4 bedrooms, and one heck of an awesome workshop for Bill! Side note: if you are house hunting and find a home listed as a short sale, don’t be fooled! There is nothing short about it! But you do end up with a great deal at the end.

The 4 month process was quite the emotional roller coaster. I had to do a lot of praying that God wouldn’t let me go crazy, cry too much, or punch someone.  We thought we’d be moving in on February 14th, but when they found 2 liens on the property that date got pushed… indefinitely. Each week we thought we were ready to close, but then something else would stand in our way. In the mean time we moved half our stuff to Mom and Dad’s garage in efforts to stage the condo for a fast sale.  We listed my downtown condo and it sold in 6 hours from when we listed it! The guy who bought it even wanted the giant dining room table Bill built for me 5 years ago and had been so perfect for the large open space. It was a little sad to let those memories go, but he offered more than our asking price for the condo to include the table. The fast sale meant we were going to be homeless… We still didn’t have a closing date for our home. My parents so graciously took us in. (I think they enjoyed having Bri around more than me and Bill…) We moved the rest of our stuff out of the condo and took over their garage, barn, one of their rooms and ate a lot of their food.  We spent 3 weeks with Mom and Dad, helped them survive their kitchen remodel, and spent many nights hanging with them.

When we finally got the word that we had a closing date, we kicked it into high gear recruiting friends and family to help us move (for the 3rd time).  On April 25th we spent our first night in what will be many, many, MANY more in OUR home. Praise the Lord it finally happened and we could get our lives out of limbo!

2 days later the basement flooded… “Welcome to home ownership!” is what everyone kept telling us… Thanks guys, we get it, but that’s not as encouraging as one might think… We had the septic tank emergency pumped and Bill replaced the pluming in the basement (there was a massive solid clog of… well you know…) and we had a smelly mess to mop up. Thank goodness Bill is amazing and can fix everything. We now have a fully functioning house!

Living in the cuburbs, we are much closer to family, church, and friends (and wildlife, mosquitoes, spiders, poison ivy, farms, fresh produce, we’ll take the good and the bad).  We can see the stars at night too!  I missed that about the country. Unfortunately I had to trade my 4 minute walk to work for a 35 minute commute but at least my hair has some time to dry before I walk into the office!

We’ve been busy the last couple of weeks fixing things, unpacking, and enjoying having a house with a yard.  There is always something to do around the house and we love it!  I’ve spent time killing weeds, and organizing our things inside.  Bill has the garage set up and is working on his workshop in the basement (now that there aren’t anymore water issues).  I also discovered a huge grape vine growing in the back yard and I hope to learn how to take care of it (and kill the poison ivy that has grown out of control around the base and started to climb!)

We are looking forward to many bonfires with friends and fun in our home. Bri loves guarding the yard and chasing squirrels, Bill finally has a garage all to himself and a basement workshop, and I finally have a yard where I can plant flowers, watch the birds, and create a home that is all ours!  If you’re ever in the neighborhood stop by and say hi and offer to pull some weeds.  Once we get the backyard under control (read: kill all the poison ivy) and the deck fixed we hope to have everyone over for a party!





3 thoughts on “We Moved to the Cuburbs!

  1. Jennifer Kaufman says:

    Congratulations – it sounds (and looks) so wonderful! 🙂

  2. khreed1 says:

    I am so happy that YOU are so happy with your new home. Nothing is better than putting down roots. Over time the stress you experienced in the process of buying it will become a distant memory as you replace that memory with exciting new ones. Congratulations!

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