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How does an Event Planner Plan Her OWN Wedding?

I’m an event planner. I deal with caterers, venues, florists, musicians, bands, decor, bar, budgets, etc… ALL THE TIME! When this beautiful ring showed up on my finger I thought “I have the ultimate event to plan!”

I start off all events with a brief, a quick overview of expectations and feel of the event. That is usually given to me by those requesting the event. In this case I come up with my own brief! CHECK! That was easy.

Then I do my research and look into the big ticket items like location, bar, food, décor, entertainment. I have been secretly, OK not-so-secretly, doing my research for the past year (OK 2 years… ALRIGHT ALRIGHT the past 3 years!). I have a good idea of what costs what, and who I want to hire for most things. Leveraging my career knowledge, I have gathered a good list of vendors for my wedding. Another CHECK!

Next comes the budget… I created a dream budget and then trimmed back to where things would be realistic. I decided what was important to ME and made those a priority and trimmed back on areas that weren’t as important to me. Enter the mother of the bride (and the father of the bride, who had surprisingly more of an opinion than I expected). They have priorities too and they are different than mine. Luckily I love my parents and they love me and we work well together. Budget? CHECK!

I want my parents to be proud of the event as well. That being said, they sure “hired” one heck of an event planner for their party if I do say so myself! 😉

I have all sorts of resources at my fingertips ready to be unleashed! We had the initial meeting with mom and dad to discuss how this process was to move forward. We totally ended up talking about what my dress was going to look like and how I would do my hair… typical girls. How are we going to get any work done!!! Dad and Bill left the conversation somewhere around brazier’s and garters to take the trash out.

I can happily announce we have picked a date in early Spring 2014, confirmed the location (ceremony AND reception), confirmed the band, the ceremony musicians, the photographer, and our pastor! Big things checked off the list! Now I’m excited to get my sister in town to do a real dress shopping trip with her and my mom.

The next few months will be a whirlwind of cake tastings, menu browsing, invitation writing and I’m sure plenty of stress… I can’t wait!

The future Mrs. William Mueller