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It’s Been too Long!

Well hi there!  I realize it has been since January that I last posted so yes I’m a slacker… (but The Zesty Cook hasn’t posted since January either so I can’t be that bad!)  I think about my blog often but wonder, what is going on in my life that you all want to hear about?  So instead of me rambling along… here is a list of things that have happened to me since January:


Things Pinterest has done to my life: made me want to cook more, be more crafty, be more fit, be more fashionable.  It has also made me realize how much time I spend pinning and how little time I spend actually doing the things that I pin.  I have tried a few crafts (unsuccessfully), a few recipes (also unsuccessfully), and I blame pinterest (and the TV show Rehab Addict) for the fact that I now own a beautiful, antique, heavy, broken piano:

This will be a restoration project for Bill and me in the future. Also the painted wine bottles are a pinterest craft project fail…


I decided this year that I was again going to attempt to grow something on my back patio.  I went to my mom for advice, since she is the expert on everything (She’s a mom so that’s part of her job description: Must be an expert on anything your child asks you about).  I have killed boxwoods and a few cacti in the past so I was determined to end my plant murdering streak.  I purchased boxes to hang on my fence, the proper potting soil, the plants and flowers, and set reminders to water at the proper time.  Here is how they looked when I planted them:

Beautiful huh?

Here is what they look like now…

They’re looking a bit crunchy…


I was lucky enough to attend the Mitt Romney fundraiser at the Hilton Hall of Mirrors.  It was a fantastic event full of old Cincinnati money.  I got to catch up with an old neighbor, met a new friend, and shook hands with hopefully our next president!  Thanks Mom and Dad for making the donation and allowing me to go in your place!

He shook my hand and said “Thanks for your support Karah”


I also spent time going to Reds games and enjoying life downtown on 5th with the love of my life and my pup!

Watching the Opening Day game from Fountain Square

On our way to a Reds game!