My First Blog Post Ever

Today I decided to start a blog. Yesterday I read an article about how blogging can help your career. This blog will not help my career as it has nothing to do with my career.

This blog is for fun. Like my personal journal but I’m letting you read it. Don’t worry I will censor my posts so I don’t embarrass you or myself.

Now my next question is what should I talk about? I thought about doing a blog through the eyes of my dog… that actually could be really funny! Bri is quite the amusing dog and actually has some great things to say. “Life from the perspective of a 25 pound Dachshund/Pit-bull mix.” However, since I’m her mom that makes me a little bias toward her antics, until she pees when greeted then she’s Bill’s dog.

Speaking of Bill I thought about talking about him too, but I don’t think he’d appreciate that too much. Don’t worry he’ll be mentioned, but only because he takes up a lot of my free time. He’s always told me to get a hobby that’s not him… maybe blogging will be my new hobby! Yeah that’s it! I’ll blog as a hobby! How often is too often to blog, 6 to 8 times a day too much? Maybe I’ll reserve that for Twitter.

So there you go. My first blog post ever! I might write more later today. But for now my lunch break is over and I must get back to work. I hope I haven’t scared you off and you’ll check back later for more fun chatter.

I only hope I can be as clever as the one Miss Andrea across the great pond!



One thought on “My First Blog Post Ever

  1. Kathy Reed says:

    Congratulations! I want to warn you that it can get addicting. I could give you advice if you were using blogger software instead of wordpress. Not to say one is better than the other, I just don’t know this software. Good luck.

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